Nice to meet you.

I used to have a normal desk job doing graphic design – 8a to 7p, five days a week. While I loved the hustle, I was always dreaming of continuing to do what I loved for a career, but from my home. That dream became a reality when I moved to Tulsa and took a chance opening my own business: Unanchored Studio, housing my freelance graphic design + handmade Etsy endeavors. 

My main job still keeps me busy, but I'm blessed that I get to office out of my little 1950s home, and make more time to dream up products for my Etsy shop, work on a home reno project, or come up with some new crazy DIY to install around the house. If you'd like to see some of my home projects, check out the following articles:

Another thing I'm passionate about is health and wellness (follow my journey here), getting to visit different cities, and photographically documenting seemingly everyday moments. Follow along the travel and DIY project adventures on Instagram

Thanks so much for stopping by!  shoot me a note saying hello here if ya like!

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